Makers of Fine & Accurate Historic Wear

Sarah (Right) began sewing at the tender age of 7. The daughter of a woman who knew her way around a glue gun and the granddaughter of a woman too petite for normal clothes, she was destined to be obsessed with crafting and sewing. After a childhood as an Army Brat with the best Halloween costumes, she progressed to making her own historical “garb”. One day, she happened upon a job as a historical interpreter and the rest is (actual) history. She can be found in her studio in Maryland, with her fiance, and small zoo of pets.


Rachel (Left) was once told that she had ‘all the skills of a oldey-timey goodwife’. Her mother taught her to machine sew and knit; her father taught her plain cooking; her aunt taught her to hand sew, bake, and hoard old buttons; her sister taught her to weave; and the internet taught her to spin. Bored after her kid went to preschool, she decided to sew her first set of stays, and in short course found herself volunteering as a historical interpreter and hasn’t stopped sewing since.  She can be found in her studio in Virginia with her husband, son, and darling greyhound.


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