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In the 18th century, even young ladies wore stays to ensure that they, too, had the proper shape under their gowns. 


This set of stays are made with a lovely pale-yellow/buttercream-colored linen and lined in a plain white linen. The stays are back-lacing and feature hand-sewn eyelets, hand-woven navy trim tape, and a soft cream-colored leather binding all the way around. The caning is a strong, but flexible plastic, which we find to be quite durable and comfortable and a great alternative to wooden caning or baleen.


This pair is ready-to-wear and ship.



- Edge to Edge (at widest): 25.5"

- Center Front Length: 10"

- Center Back Length: 11"

- Length at Armpit: 7.5"


Model: 8 years old, 28" chest cricumference

Young Ladies' Stays - Ready-to-Wear (Buttercream)

SKU: 180015-1
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